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Does “Big Kibble” Really Care About Your Dog?

You’re probably familiar the terms “Big Tobacco,” “Big Pharma,” and “Big Ag.”  They’re used by skeptical consumers to derisively refer to the colossal multinational corporations that dominate the tobacco, drug, and food industries, respectively. These entities are notorious for putting profits ahead of consumer well-being.  It’s unfair to suggest that they always put their  bottom-line […]

Evidence Round-Up: Do Dogs Need Carbs?

[This article is part of our “Evidence Round-Up” series, the purpose of which is to explain what published, peer-reviewed scientific papers and other credible evidentiary sources have to say about common nuggets of canine health and fitness “wisdom.”  If there’s a topic you’d like to see covered in the next installment of the series, please […]

The Varsity Pets 10,000-Foot Guide To Calories and Chemical Energy

Energy powers everything your dog does. Not “like everything,” but literally everything.  Jumping, running, barking, eating, drinking, panting, slobbering, feeling excited when she sees you, learning a new command, snoring like a chainsaw, growling at the delivery guy, pooping in the living room, fighting off an infection, blinking her eyes, dragging a sled across the […]

Canine Obesity Trends

It has been my experience that most people believe that they make healthier lifestyle decisions than their generational predecessors. There is a compelling causal narrative at the core of their beliefs: scientific researchers uncover new truths about the world every day; as that newly-discovered information trickles down into the mainstream over time, we all become […]